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Welcome to our family Video Gallery. All videos require the Quicktime plug-in to view. The plug-in is free and it will only take a moment to download, it's worth it!
01/10/09 · Felicity's 3rd Birthday (4:59 mins)
Felicity has the first of many Princess themed Birthday parties. Check out Jen's awesome Castle Cake and see the girls decorate wands and crowns, make jewelry and turn prince Corbin into a dragon.
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01/04/09 · My First Back Yard Rink (3:58 mins)
One of the perks of being a relatively new home owner was being able to realize one of my life long dreams... having my very own backyard rink. This video captures the successful results, but don't be fooled, it wasn't all smiles and slap shots while making it a reality. The uncharacteristically frigid temperatures for a Calgary December provided ample challenges, even though it was a welcome surprise. In the process of making my backyard rink I managed to flood half the backyard (not the half I wanted), melt the siding above the outdoor tap and flood the bathroom on our main floor. Eventually my perseverance, and over a hundred buckets of water, would pay off as Corbin loves it.

Now I just wish the +16°C weather would go away. Gotta love Calgary! View Video

06/30/08 · Corb Thinks He Can Dance (0:56 mins)
While visiting the Royal Tyrrell Museum this summer, Corbin felt inclined to have a little dance out burst - nothing like prehistorice bones to make you get jiggy with it!
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03/18/07 · Easter Bunny, Meet Felicity (1:12 mins)
It must be Spring, as Felicity gets fresh with the Easter Bunny and his little friend. Either that or she has a nose for chocolate, just like her Mom, and knows who to kiss up to.
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02/16/07 · Oh! Canada (1:37 mins)
Corbin signs his rendition of our national anthem, O Canada. He’s too cute (and obsessed with hockey). That’s my boy!
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01/21/07 · Tobogganing (4:20 mins)
A mis-adventure in the great outdoors. One of the scariest moments I’ve had. The actual crash wasn’t caught on tape as I was running frantically down the hill after he got away from me — I definitely learned my lesson.
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01/17/07 · Felicity's 1st Steps (0:55 mins)
Capturing one of the key developmental milestones in life. No more quazi-crawlin’.
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01/13/07 · Corbin's 3rd Birthday (8:35 mins)
Corbin turns three. We had a fire truck theme, complete with the kids decorating their own little fire truck, and Jen makes another one of her now-famous cakes.
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Scooter Walkin' (1:28 mins)
Felicity makes some progress towards walking on her own, it seemed like she wasn’t that interested since she was getting around by ‘crawling’ but apparently that’s just not good enough.
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01/05/07 · Horn Blowin' (1:17 mins)
Goofin’ around with a New Year’s party favour while waiting from supper.
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01/05/07 · Felicity's 1st Birthday (6:10 mins)
Just a small little get together for Felicity’s first birthday. We got far better results with her wearing her party hat and she likes cake!!!
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12/31/06· Skating with Grandpa (3:08 mins)
Grandpa Shimmons and Mommy go to the rink with Corbin for a little hockey. I’m not sure who is the better skater though.
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12/26/06 · Corbin Skates! (2:51 mins)
Corbin break-in his new wood stick that Santa brought him for Christmas. Molly has a little fun on the ice too.
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12/22/06 · Whistle Blower (1:08 mins)
Fresh and rested after a nap, I know the first thing I reach for is a whistle.
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12/02/06 · Quazi-Crawl (1:08 mins)
Felicity has figured out away to get around, time to baby proof!
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11/15/06 · Wind Storm (7:51 mins)
Bragg Creek got hit by a major wind storm while I was out of town. I turn the camera’s on myself for a poor attempt at some investigative reporting.
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11/06/06 · Jolly Jumper (1:37 mins)
Bounce, bounce… lick… bounce. Jolly jumping is sweet!
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Halloween Party (2:24 mins)
Jen puts together an amazing Halloween party for the kids. And one of the activities is turning some of the Daddies into Mummies. Scary stuff, watch at your own risk.
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10/19/06 · Felicity Laughing (1:50 mins)
Jen’s friend Diana and her boyfriend (Timo) visiting from Holland have Felicity laughing hysterically. Good thing she has diapers on.
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10/14/06 · Puck Monster (1:18 mins)
Felicity grabs a puck snack.
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10/05/06 · Senator's Home Opener (4:32 mins)
While in Ottawa for Kristina & Chris’s wedding my Uncle Roger and me take in the Sens home opener, including a little pre-game refreshments at Marshy’s, where we met Brad Marsh himself.
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09/28/06 · Marineland (4:22 mins)
A wet and wonderful day at Marineland — petting belugas, a personal killer whale show and more…
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09/26/06 · Toronto Zoo (8:21 mins)
A visit to the Toronto Zoo, yes there were animals but all we wanted to do was ride the ‘zoo train’, see how the adventure turns out.
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07/08/06 · Summer Fun (1:26 mins)
Hangin’ out in the back yard on a warm summer day calls for a nice ‘swim’ in the pool.
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05/28/06 · Felicity Monster (1:53 mins)
A very ‘talkative’ Felicity gets a hold of the camera.
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05/05/06 · Felicity Babbling (1:49 mins)
Felicity babbling and rolling around on the floor waiting to have her diaper changed.
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04/15/06 · Corbin's Tractor (3:55 mins)
Grandma & Grandpa Shimmons get Corbin a mini-John Deere power ride tractor for Easter. Every little boys dream.
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03/30/06 · Goalie Practice (2:38 mins)
Corbin tries on his Goalie gear, an awesome Birthday present from Auntie Christa & Scott.
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02/02/06 · Felicity's 2nd Month (1:45 mins)
Felicity and Daddy having a deep intellectual conversation.
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01/06/06 · Felicity Meets World (1:07 mins)
Introducing the newest member of our family, Felicity Jane Shimmons Fournier. Older brother Corbin gives his hug of approval. Turn your speakers up! View Video
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